TCPIP-VME Interface (A2087) Manual

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The TCPIP-VME Interface (A2087) is a VMEbus Master with a TCPIP interface that allows us to communicate with VMEbus Slaves over a wired TCPIP connection. The A2087 acts as the LWDAQ Relay for on or more VMEbus resident LWDAQ Controllers, such as the LWDAQ Controller with VME Interface (A2071A).

Figure: TCPIP-VME Interface (A2087A).

We communicate with the A2087A using the LWDAQ TCPIP Messages. The A2087A handles its TCPIP communication with an RCM6700 embedded processor. The A2087A provides the following VME functions, some of which are enabled by the hardware mode resistors R22-R23.


Note: All our schematics and Gerber files are distributed under the GNU General Public License.

S2087_1: RCM6700 Logic.
S2087_2: VME Data.
S2087_3: VME Address.
S2087_4: VME Controller.
S2087_5: Power Supplies.
A208701A: Printed circuit board version A.


[03-APR-19] The A2087 provides a TCPIP interface with a VME backplane. The A2087 mates with VME connectors J1 and J2, which are present in the original VME specification, but does not provide connection to the extended specification connectors added in later years. Both J1 and J2 are 96-way DIN sockets. On the A2087 are two mating right-angle 96-Way DIN plugs.

Figure: VME J1 Connections, Table 53 in VME Specification.

The TCPIP interface is provided by an RCM6700 embedded computer. The TCPIP interace presents a static IP address, by default, but which we can program with the Configurator Tool to present any IP address we like.


[01-APR-19] Schematic complete.

[22-JUL-19] Printed circuit board A208701A arrived.