Our LWDAQ (Long-Wire Data Acquisition) program works with LWDAQ hardware to perform data acquisition, display, and analysis. The latest version of the code is the one that we are working to improve. The static version is one that we are leaving as it is, although we will still fix bugs. To install, download the zip archive, decompress, and follow the software installation instructions for your operating system. MacOS 10.12 Sierra users: see installation instructions to overcome translocation problems. (latest) MacOS, Windows, Linux, and UNIX. (stable) MacOS, Windows, Linux, and UNIX.
LWDAQ Manual Combined user manual for LWDAQ hardware and software.
LWDAQ Commands Command reference for software.
Acquisifier Manual User manual for the Acquisifier Tool.
LWDAQ Specification Specification of LWDAQ hardware.
Sources Source code for LWDAQ software.
With PVSS Interface with PVSS.


Pascal How to install the GNU Pascal Compiler (GPC).
Mixing Manual Compile and link C, C++, Pascal, and Fortran into one executable.
Mixing Files Demonstration files for Mixing Manual.
Fortran Run-Time Library Source files for the libf2c.a. Compile with GCC C.
Minuit Source files for Minuit. Compile with GCC's Fortran 77.